August 2nd!
August 2nd!

The GREAT Relationship Work™
GREAT Relationships are the standard here. Subpar just doesn't cut it anymore. Jonathan Sherman will help you create truly GREAT Relationships with yourself and others through:

1. Marriage Mastery
Saving your marriage is just triage. Transforming your marriage from bad to good or good to great is what is all about.
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2. Parent Training
True, none of our kids didn't come with a manual, but fortunately there is great training. Don't go it alone when so many of the parenting questions you have do have answers.
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3. Self-Mastery
Go beyond just managing and dealing with life. Learn how to master it by mastering yourself.
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Blog Special Projects

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The Relationship Mastery Series

The relationship education you never got that you've always wanted!

Why Relationships?

Simple: It's ALL relationships: Relationships with self; relationships with others. Get clear in relationships = get clear in life. Jonathan Sherman's services address the individual and family systemically.

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There is simply zero substitute for knowledge and skills. Get some new ones to add to your toolkit!

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